Kraft Sandwich Wedge

Kraft Sandwich Wedge

$159.58 + GST


Some sandwich wedges still contain plastic windows. We use PLA, or polylactic acid, which is made from 100 per cent renewable resources such as beet, sugarcane and corn for a commercially compostable solution. Our sandwich wedges are popular amongst gas station and school cafeteria customers seeking sustainability credentials. If you have a cabinet of grab-and-go sandwiches or offer them as part of your catering business's menu, our minimums start at 500 units. 


Water and oil resistant to +60ºC

Microwave safe: up to 100ºC up to 30 seconds


BPI Compostable. Fulfils the requirements in ASTM D6400/D6868

End of Life

Our kraft tableware is certified compostable, so when disposed of in industrial compost facilities with specific environmental conditions, the product will disintegrate after 12 weeks and completely biodegrade after six months, meaning that 90 per cent or more of the material will have been converted to carbon dioxide, the remaining materials are biotransformed into other natural substances such as biomass, water, and to be used in agriculture (humus/fertiliser).

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