The original innovators

We have devoted the last 10 years to developing world-leading sustainable
food packaging, so you can serve your customers the best.

Made from plants, not oil

The majority of Ecoware products are made entirely from plant material.

Paper from managed plantations

We prefer to use paper from responsibly managed plantations.

Non-toxic inks

Our inks are either soy or water-based and are non-toxic.

Made from renewable resources

Most of our raw materials are produced by nature - we prioritise renewable resources.

Commercially compostable

Ecoware products have been certified or trialled for commercial and/or home composting.


Our products provide a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic food packaging.

Certified CarboNZero

Our company’s emissions are measured and offset annually - certified carbon zero.

Delivery without delay

We provide overnight delivery nationwide, enabled by three warehouses across NZ.

Packaging with principles

Put simply, we’re passionate about a circular economy. To do our part to help achieve this, we design our range of plant-based food packaging to use resources sustainably and responsibly, giving environmental, social and economic concerns equal consideration.

Sustainability is not the work of one, but the work of many

Toitū carbonzero™

We are members of NZ's leading carbon emission program led by Toitū Envirocare. Every year we work towards a Toitū carbonzero certification. The certificate requires us to measure and monitor our annual emissions and subsequently offset that footprint via carbon credits. We establish reduction plans to target any remaining emissions. This certification is in compliance with ISO 14064-1 standard.

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)

We are committed to environmental responsibility, which is why we are FSC certified. FSC is a globally recognised mark of credibility and trust, dedicated to promoting responsible forestry management around the world. You can be assured that your FSC certified EcoCups, EcoBowls and paper straws are made from responsibly sourced paper.


Naturally advanced low-carbon footprint Ingeo™ resins (Polylactide or PLA) are manufactured by US company, NatureWorks LLC: a world leading biopolymers supplier and innovator. They supply resin made from renewable plant resources, which we manufacture and manipulate into Ecoware food packaging. The production of Ingeo™ emits fewer greenhouse gasses than the comparable manufacture of common petrochemical-based plastic 1. In short, this technology allows us to turn plants into plastic.

Public Place Recycling Scheme

The Public Place Recycling Scheme is an industry funded program that helps New Zealanders recycle when they are away from home by providing more opportunities to recycle, reduce litter and increase awareness about “doing the right thing”. We are founding members.


WasteMINZ is the authoritative voice on waste and resource recovery in New Zealand seeking to achieve ongoing and positive development of the industry through strengthening relationships, facilitating collaboration, knowledge sharing and championing best practice standards. We are a proud WasteMINZ member.

NZ Specialty Coffee Association

The NZ Specialty Coffee Association is the national representative body for specialty coffee stakeholders in NZ. The purpose of the Association is to represent all stakeholders in NZ specialty coffee, provide a forum for industry participants to advance the NZ specialty coffee industry, provide professional development through training & education, and promote public interest and customer awareness of specialty coffee in NZ.

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