Giving waste a new meaning

Good business includes what you do and who you choose to work with. With the right partners, we can create a circular economy where waste is no longer wasted.


Reclaim want to shift attitudes about waste. It should no longer be treated as rubbish and dismissed as worthless, it should be valued and reused as a future resource. Reclaim aim to ensure it is processed properly at dedicated recycling centres or composting facilities, rather than be buried in a landfill. Their goal is to offer tailored services to businesses so they can achieve waste reduction and sustainability goals.


Through their integrated, national network of branches, facilities and joint ventures, EnviroWaste has the capability to manage for their commercial and private account customers, the progression of waste through each phase of the waste stream. Their services include Collection, Recovery, Environmental Remediation, Disposal, Gas to Energy, and Composting. Whether it’s turning landfill gas to power, organic waste to compost or returning our beaches to pristine condition, they believe in rolling their sleeves up and doing what it takes to keep New Zealand beautiful.

Kai to Compost

Kai to Compost is a seven day a week, Wellington city based food waste collection service encouraging food waste producers like cafes, restaurants and supermarkets to minimise the environmental impact of food waste in our landfills. They accept Ecoware compostable products as one of their compostable waste streams. After mixing food waste with green waste, Kai to Compost create top quality organic compost for Wellingtonians

We Compost

We Compost provides a commercial collection service for compostable waste, including compostable food packaging. Their aim is to help organisations reduce their waste to landfill. Starting with one bin of coffee grinds on the back of a ute in 2010, they now divert around 10 tonnes of waste from landfill each week.

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