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End of life

As New Zealander's we take pride in our country. We can help with the disposal of your food packaging waste, from offices to major events. Below we have outlined our simple approach towards zero waste. With the right partners and products, you can make a real difference.

Zero Waste in 4 easy steps

As consumers become increasingly environmentally conscious and informed about the repercussions of their food waste, there is no doubting zero waste environments are becoming a reality. By choosing Ecoware, we can make that dream a reality in four easy steps:

Identify your packaging needs and associated footprint

Consult with Ecoware and share with us insights into your business regarding food packaging use, food wastage and goals to reduce your footprint.

Choose your Ecoware product

Based on your packaging requirements, volumes and venue, we will help you select the best products for your business needs.

Join the dots

Ecoware will provide our services and industry partners to help remove your compostable packaging to ensure it's disposed of correctly.


Zero waste intimidates most but truth be told it's actually pretty easy to achieve in todays market. You did well.

What to do when you are done

By partnering with Ecoware you are choosing to use authentic certified packaging. Our products have been successfully tested across a range of end of life options. Below we have outlined some of the most common disposal options for our plant based packaging.

Commercial composting facility

Commercial composting facility

A typical commercial composting facility collects organic waste from local businesses that handle food or beverage and some may collect yard waste from nurseries or landscaping companies. New Zealand has 98 composting facilities in total*. Not all commercial composting facilities can process Ecoware packaging. Please download the industry report from this page and find out if your location is currently available for processing. Click Here.

In-vessel composting unit

In-vessel composting unit

In-vessel composting is a three stage process that transforms organic waste into compost. This style of composting is a machine based process that is efficient and relatively simple to operate. The plants are completely closed and more often than not, should be odour free. Most in-vessel composting units will operate between 60-80 degrees celsius.

Dehydration units

Dehydration units

Innovative technology providing the ability for onsite, odour free processing of organic waste, including compostable packaging. Dehydration units produce sterile outputs such as water & biomass that can be reused. As an example, grey water can be used to water the gardens and biomass act’s as a concentrated fertilizer.

Hungry bins

Hungry bins

Designed and made in New Zealand, a hungry bin is a fast and convenient way to compost your organic waste at home with the ability to process up to 2kg per day. The hungry bin creates an ideal living environment for compost worms. The worms convert organic waste into worm castings and a nutrient-rich liquid, which are both high quality fertilisers.



As the industry continues to rapidly develop innovative ways to divert waste from landfill, the harsh reality is that for now, some Ecoware products will continue to be sent to landfill. It is important to note however, that even if our packaging ends up in a landfill, it still boasts the pre-life benefits over traditional oil-based packaging. Read more on pre-life benefits.

New Zealand Composting Facilities

The composting industry is slowly developing across most regions in New Zealand to be able to process compostable packaging. New Zealand currently has 98 composting facilities geographically spread across the North and South Island, however not all of these facilities can process compostable packaging. The greatest concentration of facilities able to process organic waste including compostable packaging is Auckland, Waikato and the Bay of Plenty.

The current state of composting in New Zealand can be broadly described as in a development and growth phase. There are only 11 composting facilities currently able to process organic waste that includes food packaging, and additional facilities are currently working towards being able to accept and process Ecoware compostable food packaging.

Industry report version 1

Industry report version 2

Our Collection Partners

We have partnered with waste collection companies to create a closed loop environment where Ecoware products and organic waste can be disposed in dedicated bins, which are then collected and composted. This means you can now use our packaging without generating any waste to landfill! With the help of our collection partners, we have made organisations ‘zero waste’ from small retailers through to large corporates and events. We work with you and our collection partners to ensure bins are put in place at your organisation and then collected so all your packaging waste is composted at the end of it's life.


Reclaim want to shift attitudes about waste. It should no longer be treated as rubbish and dismissed as worthless, it should be valued and reused as a future resource. Reclaim aim to ensure it is processed properly at dedicated recycling centres or composting facilities, rather than be buried in a landfill. Their goal is to offer tailored services to businesses so they can achieve waste reduction and sustainability goals.


Through their integrated, national network of branches, facilities and joint ventures, EnviroWaste has the capability to manage for their commercial and private account customers, the progression of waste through each phase of the waste stream. Their services include Collection, Recovery, Environmental Remediation, Disposal, Gas to Energy, and Composting. Whether it’s turning landfill gas to power, organic waste to compost or returning our beaches to pristine condition, they believe in rolling their sleeves up and doing what it takes to keep New Zealand beautiful.

Kai to compost

Kai to Compost is a seven day a week, Wellington city based food waste collection service encouraging food waste producers like cafes, restaurants and supermarkets to minimise the environmental impact of food waste in our landfills. They accept Ecoware compostable products as one of their compostable waste streams. After mixing food waste with green waste, Kai to Compost create top quality organic compost for Wellingtonians.

We Compost

We Compost provides a commercial collection service for compostable waste, including compostable food packaging. Their aim is to help organisations reduce their waste to landfill. Starting with one bin of coffee grinds on the back of a ute in 2010, they now divert around 10 tonnes of waste from landfill each week.

We understand the end of life aspect can be a pretty steep learning in the early days. If you have any questions or uncertainty around what to do with your Ecoware Packaging we encourage you to pick up the phone and give us a call.

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