Flat Handle Kraft Paper Bag Medium - FSC MIX

Flat Handle Kraft Paper Bag Medium - FSC MIX

$74.00 + GST


Our new medium paper carry bags feature flat handles and strong paper grammage, ideal for meal delivery services and high volume takeout. Recycle in paper recycling streams post-use, or where possible, reuse them.

Printing on front reads "I am not a plastic bag. Made from naturally replenishing plants, I am kinder on the environment. Reuse, recycle, or even compost me when you have had enough of me."


Made from 100 gsm paper, our paper bags provide stability and tear resistance.


Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) License code (FSC-C142978) 

End of Life 

Recycle in paper recycling streams. General composting guidance supports the use of paper and paper products in home and industrial compost environments.

We have made changes to how we calculate shipping rates.

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