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Kiwi festivals make sustainability the main act


If you attended a music or food truck festival recently, you would have noticed various bins labelled with what goes where and an intent focus on composting. As councils seek to reduce their climate impact and reduce waste to landfill, event organisers are utilising organic collections and mandating certified compostable products to optimise landfill diversion.

This video demonstrates how eliminating single-use plastic products and their use, especially at mass events and other closed-loop environments, provides the opportunity to demonstrate efficient material recovery strategies.

Compostable packaging products also help increase the separate collection of bio-waste by recovering food scraps attached to (food) packaging that would otherwise be lost if the packaging is removed from the bio-waste stream. If you are booked for events this summer and are yet to organise your food packaging, please get in touch to discuss approved items and full-circle recovery solutions at