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Is your business prepared for the July plastic bans? Here’s what you can use instead

The July single-use plastic bans explained.

More single-use plastic bans will come into effect 1 July 2023 as part of the Government's response to plastic pollution. This ban is broader, impacting a wider range of products which includes plastic plates, bowls, platters or trays, straws and cutlery.

    If you are using any of the following plastics below, this upcoming ban has implications for your business. 

      Alternatives provided by the Ministry for the Environment include reusable tableware, paper, cardboard or bamboo alternatives. These are the following products you can use instead. For further information on the bans, you can visit more materials from the Ministry for the Environment website.

      Alternatives to plastic bowls

      Sugarcane bowls (SP-24,32-N)

      Tight-knit fibres make our sugarcane bowls suitable for hot foods such as ramen, soups and curries and are certified for home and commercial compost. Lids are available for SP-B24-N, which are sold separately.

      — Sugarcane bowl (SP-B24-N)
      — Sugarcane bowl ( B500-W)

      EcoDeli bowl range (DB-240-B, 121)

      Our clear bowls have been specifically developed to provide physical and functional properties ideal for cold foods and are made of 100% renewable resources. Certified industrially compostable, custom branding is also an option. Lids are sold separately. 

      — EcoDeli bowls (DB-240-B)
      — Clear sauce containers (CC-60)

      EcoBowl range (EBC-4,8,12,16SW)

      Featuring tight-knit kraft fibres and lined with Ingeo™ bioplastics, our FSC® mix paper bowls are water and oil-resistant, suitable for hot and cold foods. Lids are sold separately, and custom branding is also available. 

      — Kraft noodle box (ENB-16-B)
      — EcoBowl (EBC-4SW)
      — EcoBowl collection (EBC-16SW-CLTN1)

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      Alternatives to plastic plates

      — Sugarcane tray (SP-T1)

      A versatile product, our trays are widely used as plates in cafe and event settings and frequently for sushi and produce at farmers markets. They are made from sugarcane pulp, a 100% renewable resource and sustainable alternative to plastic food trays and are certified for both home and commercial compost.

      — Sugarcane plate (SKU: SP-P7-N)

      Made of sugarcane pulp, a 100% renewable resource and a tree-free sustainable alternative to plastic plates, these are widely used in hospitality and event settings. They are also certified for home and commercial compost. Our sugarcane plates feature a moulded edge — so food stays on the plate.

      sugarcane plate

      Alternatives to plastic straws

      No one wants to sip on soggy paper, so our paper straws have been manufactured specifically to provide physical and functional properties ideal for cold beverages. Our straws are 3-ply paper and 100% biodegradable — made from 100% renewable resources—responsibly and sustainably sourced paper, bound with food-grade glue. There’s no wax or plastic and printed with non-toxic water/soy-based inks. There’s a straw for all uses from super thick smoothies and bubble tea to iced coffee and sodas. 

      — 197mm Jumbo paper straw (EPS-J-W)
      — 197mm Regular paper straw (EPS-R-G)
      — 203mm White paper straw with individual wrap (EPS-W-WRAP)

      Alternatives to plastic cutlery

      Sturdy and smooth, with a natural aesthetic, our biodegradable wooden cutlery is made from birch wood, a fast-growing species native to Northeastern Europe. Our range includes forks, spoons, knives, teaspoons, stirrers and sporks. We also offer a cutlery set that includes a knife, fork and napkin in a self-contained paper sleeve.

      — Birch wood cutlery

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