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From farm to compost - the journey of an Ecoware coffee cup



Our coffee cups are made from renewable sources, which is a crucial determinant of climate impact. They are also certified compostable. And in the case of compostable materials, this biotransformation happens in specific environmental conditions, including location, temperature, level of aeration, and timeframe, allowing microorganisms to metabolise the material. 

To understand our process, this video takes you from the agricultural fields and behind our technology—the Ingeo biopolymer, through to the commercial compost facilities that produce fertiliser, reducing the need for the nitrogen kind that is not good at carbon sequestration and not good for our soils. 

Addressing the climate issue requires various solutions to design out waste and pollution, and alongside our partners committed to accelerating the shift toward a circular economy. If you are yet to remove plastic coffee cups from your business offering, you can view our EcoCup range here and further information regarding customisation can be found here. For further assistance, please email us at