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Ecoware Award Winners

Ecoware Award Winners

One of the best things about doing what we do is that we get to work with businesses who really care about improving their environmental impact on the world. We’re stoked to work with businesses around NZ who choose to use Ecoware compostable products because they care, and we love that! We celebrate everyone who chooses to take a step (big or small) to improve the environmental impact of their business and community.


Heart-warmingly, there are some businesses who are going above and beyond, and we think these businesses deserve a massive pat on the back and recognition of their awesome efforts. We created the Ecoware Award to do just that.


Our Ecoware Award features our signature ‘e’, is made of bamboo and locally crafted by a fabulous small business. The ‘e’ is awarded to those we see are going the extra mile and have garnered our respect in some way. There’s no set timing around when we give it, or how often – it’s just when we see an endeavour that really deserves some extra attention. A big congrats to our most recent recipients.


Sip Kitchen – Champion of Change 2018


Sip Kitchen is a wholefoods eatery and deli with two sites in Auckland. Owners Darren and Vicky are deeply committed to continually improving the environmental impact of not only their own business but everyone they connect with. They go as far as encouraging their suppliers to think about their impact and possible solutions, and put considerable effort into educating their customers. This year they switched all packaging to certified commercially compostable Ecoware products and implemented a dedicated organic waste bin for people to return this packaging. Organic waste (including packaging) is collected by WeCompost and commercially composted south of Auckland. Darren and Vicky are true eco-warriors creating ripple effects of change.


Prima Roastery – Waste Warrior 2018


Prima Roastery is a coffee roaster based in Christchurch who is well deserving of the title ‘Waste Warrior’. Waste management is difficult for many industries, particularly compostable packaging. Correct disposal and processing of our packaging can be challenging in several areas of New Zealand, particularly Christchurch. However, Prima Roastery has been bold enough to take matters into their own hands, going above and beyond to get their product composted. After trialling a unique composting system, they now offer a service for their central city café customers to return their EcoCups and other compostable products which they then process back into compost: an immensely impressive feat.