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Our 2023 Impact Report

Our 2023 Impact Report

Today, we are happy to announce the publication of our 2023 Impact Report. With an increased focus on waste and the removal of fossil fuel plastics from our eateries, venues, takeout and supermarkets, we acknowledge our industry is growing, and therefore, we recognise our responsibility within it. 

In 2021, we became the first Toitū climate positive certified organisation, and in this report, we bring in new elements to show our current actions, initiatives and ambitions relating to circularity and carbon planned to support this transition to circularity. 

Highlights from the past year include:

- Achieved a reduction in the carbon intensity of our activities by 42% over the past three years despite high growth.

- Reduced road transportation from 25 to 13 metric tonnes of C02 emissions, embracing online technologies and supporting our team to work from home, so less transit and a greater work-life balance.

- Extending our partnerships with schools participating in the Ka Ora, Ka Ako School Lunch Programme, targetting composting and food waste reduction.

Want to learn more? Read the full Report here.

Every bag of trash landfilled has a carbon cost. Our vision is to realise the potential for the role of certified compostable packaging in diverting food waste from landfills. That means a nation of composting facilities rather than approving more consents for town landfills. We must continue demonstrating waste-to-value alongside our partners, investing in and advocating for end-of-life solutions. 

We cannot wait for the mandating of food scrap collections for businesses or for a national response to composting infrastructure. Our vision is not an easy one to achieve from one year to the next, but we remain hopeful and look forward to reporting on the progress made in 2024.