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A note from our co-founder - James Calver

A note from our co-founder - James Calver

Since commencing our journey some 12+ years back, so much has changed in so many ways and with that said, I felt it was time to pop up and say hello at a time that matters most.

Despite the turbulent 12-18 months within our industry, Ecoware has continued to deliver an uninterrupted supply of sustainable packaging to New Zealand and beyond. Together, we have navigated unchartered waters and the resilience from our team was second to none, further instilling our company as a true global leader.

July 1 2023 sees the implementation of a comprehensive Government phase-out of problematic virgin plastics from supply chains at a national level. Alex and I never considered that a decade on from where we began in our parent's garages, our initiatives would be embraced and embedded as a solution at government level.

Our company is now responsible for servicing over 4500 Kiwi businesses and Ecoware products can be found in over 10 counties scattered all around the globe from the Pacific Islands, through to Hong Kong, South America and up into Europe and the UK.

As we focus our attention on the up-and-coming plastic bans, Ecoware will act as trusted advisors to its loyal and committed customers. There remains limited communication and direction from Government, and as pioneers of the industry, we see it as our responsibility to educate, evolve and assist our partners as they move towards more circular, sustainable packaging solutions.

The future excites us tremendously as we continue to innovate and challenge the status quo. Most importantly, we will continue to reduce supply chain dependence on hard-to-recycle traditional plastics and provide substitutes that are lighter on the environment. The best is yet to come.