Ecoware PLA free coffee cup.
Ecoware PLA free coffee cup.

Single Wall Aqueous EcoCup - White

$157.82 + GST


Nice to meet you. I am the next-generation paper cup.

Our aqueous cup utilises advanced manufacturing technology—a water-based dispersion system to create a leak-proof barrier while offering insulation properties. Unlike the PLA linings used in our EcoCup range, where PLA is sprayed onto the paper, aqueous linings function as a pigment that are absorbed into the fibres when applied to the paper. This water dispersion method requires fewer polymers to create the barrier vital to transport and protect foodstuffs. Pair this cup with our new paper lid.

Our aqueous cup is certified OK Compost HOME and for commercial composting under EN13432 and ASTM D6400.

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