Double Wall EcoCup - KRAFT - FSC MIX
Double Wall EcoCup - KRAFT - FSC MIX

Double Wall EcoCup - KRAFT - FSC MIX

$100.66 + GST


Ecoware hot double-wall kraft coffee cups are made of 100% renewable resources, sustainable and responsibly sourced paper and a plant-made Ingeo™ bioplastic lining. Premium quality, our double-wall coffee cups are leak-proof while offering exceptional insulation properties, with an extra paper layer compared to our single-wall EcoCups. A range of sizes are available, all made from plants and certified industrially compostable. Cup sizes measured to brim capacity.

EcoCups offer a circular durable alternative to fossil fuel-based disposable plastic coffee cups. If you are catering an event or experiencing high volumes of cups disposed at your place of business, please get in touch to discuss our 
closed-loop collection solutions. 

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