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A spotlight on our Designer - Sophie Turner

A spotlight on our Designer - Sophie Turner


We have a pretty talented bunch of people at Ecoware, but we want to put a spotlight on our girl Sophie! She's our in-house Designer responsible for creating all the marketing you see - posters, catalogues, social media images, and more recently, the NEW EcoCup Collection Series! Sophie has designed the Paradise Collection cups to celebrate nature with modern depictions of three landscapes: seaside, desert island and jungle:


We wanted you to get to know her creative thoughts behind the Paradise EcoCups, we so asked her a few quick questions:


1.) How would you explain your cups to someone?

These cups illustrate three very different but equally beautiful scenes within nature. The simplified shapes and unexpected placement of certain elements give the cups a slightly surreal quality. The smallest cup shows a seascape scene with a sailboat cruising through dusk. The 8oz depicts towering sand dunes and palm trees on a tropical island at sunset. And the largest cup shows a lush jungle setting with tropical plants and pink flamingos.

2.) What was your inspiration for these collection cups?

For the Paradise collection, I drew my inspiration from the beauty within our natural environment. Each cup depicts a dreamlike landscape that I think we should all be helping to preserve. If we all made better choices like picking up litter instead of ignoring it, choosing products made from renewable resources over traditional oil-based plastic, or simply consuming less, then perhaps we could preserve our dreamlike landscapes.  

The different scenes and colours were carefully selected to complement and decorate a variety of cafes, food trucks and events – adding that little bit extra to your morning coffee!


Soph has been with us for almost 2 years and plays a significant part in delivering the Kiwi Ecoware brand to you and your customers!