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Ecoware pioneers full-circle compost solution for Christchurch

Ecoware pioneers full-circle compost solution for Christchurch

Ecoware is now able to offer Christchurch businesses and consumers a full circle solution for compostable packaging waste, through their Compost Collect initiative.  

Founders James and Alex started their journey with a clear purpose — to develop products that would allow customers to divert waste away from landfill. “We did this by deploying a full range of plant based low-emission packaging that could be composted at a commercial scale” - says James. 

The guys still laugh about the days when Ecoware came to market “It was crazy, New Zealand had plenty of commercial composting facilities, but none of them would accept compostable packaging, despite it being made from plants and being fully compostable. We thought ‘challenge accepted’ and we set out to create a full-circle composting solution for Kiwis all over New Zealand” comments Alex. 

For the boys, unlocking Christchurch had proven to be a challenge; a city that was passionate about a circular economy but was yet to have a full circle solution. “While there was one facility which accepted most compostable waste, they wouldn’t accept PLA (the bioplastic which lines most compostable coffee cups and essential for cafes and restaurants). With more than 300 million coffee cups going into New Zealand landfills each year, we needed to find a solution for the city, fast!” they said. 

Canterbury Landscape Supplies (CLS) share Ecoware’s passion for a circular economy — they were the perfect partner to pioneer a composting solution for Christchurch. Tony Babbage from CLS comments "Our partnership with Ecoware is incredibly successful. We accept 100 tonne of compostable waste a day which otherwise would have gone to landfill in our brand new ASP process. Our customers, both resellers and retail, are also pleased with the high quality compost produced which is a testament to the fact that beneficial reuse of what was general waste really does work”. 

James from Ecoware comments “By partnering with Canterbury Landscape Suppliers (CLS), Total Waste Solutions and other multiple collection partners, we are thrilled to now provide a full-circle solution for consumers and businesses in the Christchurch region”. 

Now, 10 years later, Ecoware partners with compost facilities and compost collectors all over New Zealand, a list which continues to grow. Find your local facility and collector here.

Ecoware are the original innovators in compostable packaging and with a little hustle and grit, the company has been able to lead the industry in providing more sustainable packaging solutions.