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Ecoware become the first Climate Positive business in New Zealand

Ecoware become the first Climate Positive business in New Zealand

We are thrilled to become the first ever Toitū Climate Positive certified organisation. This means we no longer just measure and offset our emissions, we are also aligning with science based targets, influencing supply chain networks and educating stakeholders about emissions reductions too. 

But it doesn’t stop there. This year we also celebrate eight years as a Toitū carbonzero certified business, another first for Ecoware in the packaging industry. 

“We have been working towards being a climate positive company since our inception 10 years ago. We’ve achieved this by looking at every element of the supply chain critically and striving to make business decisions which best align with this long-term goal – this includes being zero waste, not just carbonzero.” - James Calver, co-founder of Ecoware. 


World-leading certifications 

The Toitū climate positive certification is one of the most robust of its kind. It’s much more holistic than other standards, because it requires organisations to take true responsibility. 

The Toitū certification programme requirements meet and exceed international standards and best practice. They are recognised in more than 60 countries and actively participate in the development of the leading international standards in greenhouse gas measurement and reduction.  

We hope that through these certifications we can set a benchmark for Kiwi companies by providing a blueprint of how to tread more lightly on our planet. It’s relatively simple for Kiwi businesses to better their sustainability practices and consider their wider environmental and social impact – especially when there are easy full-circle solutions like compostable plant-based packaging and composting.

Paving the way of the future

Ecoware has achieved Toitū climate positive certification through employing a number of initiatives, here a few recent activities we're proud of: 

  • Constantly innovating and adding new products to our extensive range of plant-based compostable packaging alternatives.
  • We have supplied compost bins to 73+ customer venues and connected our customers with local organic waste collectors and compost facilities via our Compost Collect programme. 
  • We are an essential part of the supply chain for the Government-led healthy school lunch programme, Ka Ora, Ka AkoAs of March 2021, more than eight million lunches were served in 542 schools to over 132,600 kids — Ecoware plays a vital role in supporting the schools and food distribution companies involved with certified compostable packaging — a safe, hygienic and environmentally friendly solution. 
  • Ongoing education for customers and our customers customers about how to improve their personal and business emissions through better packaging choices and correct disposal

Did you know we’ve swapped almost 1.4 billion pieces of packaging with plant-based compostable alternatives over the past 10 years? This shows our customers and their customers alike see the value in a full-circle solution — because it’s not just preference now, it’s actually expected.