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7 Simple Ways To Celebrate World Earth Day 2021

7 Simple Ways To Celebrate World Earth Day 2021

Today more than 1 billion people around the world are celebrating World Earth Day to help protect our planet from pollution, deforestation and climate change. Sustainability is not the work of one, but the work of many.  

Here are 7 simple ways you can celebrate and protect our planet at the same time: 

  1. Turn off the lights when you leave a room
  2. Get a compost bin and use it! When food decomposes in landfill without oxygen it produces methane a harmful greenhouse gas
  3. Count the pieces of plastic in your home or business. You’ll be shocked, even toilet paper is wrapped in it! 
  4. Ditch the car for the day. ~3kms of driving = 1kg of air pollution 
  5. Reduce your water use. 
  6. Reduce your packaging waste. Only ~50% of your ‘recycling’ is actually being recycled and packaging makes up ~28% of landfills worldwide
  7. Offer your time. Pick up rubbish, volunteer at a community garden, plant trees… something that gives back to your planet

Want to do more? 

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