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5 Ways to make your hospo business more sustainable

5 Ways to make your hospo business more sustainable

Despite a challenging 2020, this year 36% of Kiwis said they are still committed to living a sustainable lifestyle and 58% said they are concerned about plastic in the environment*.

These concerns are increasing and do impact consumer behaviour. That’s why so many businesses around the world are quickly switching to a more sustainable approach to business.  

Here are 5 easy ways you can make your hospitality business more sustainable. 

  1. Choose sustainable packaging options. This is easy and cost-effective to do. Did you know that compostable packaging can be very cost-effective and it takes the ‘guilt’ out of your customers buying from you more often. See packaging options.

  2. In-house compost bins for organic waste and compostable packaging. Make it easy for customers to correctly dispose of their waste, including organic waste and compostable packaging. Find a collection partner.

  3. Optional cutlery, serviettes and carry bags. Not all customers will need these so by making them optional you could save money and reduce waste. 

  4. Choose eco-friendly products. Opt for a tree-free Bamboo Toilet paper like EcoRoll (an easy way to fancy-up your loo too!). Choose to refill hand wash, sanitisers and cleaners as opposed to buying new, which is also more cost-effective. 

  5. Deliver food the old fashioned way. Could you deliver on a bike (even Uber Eats does this)? Or how about using an e-scooter, electric vehicle or an e-bike to save fuel and running costs.  

Being sustainable is not a novelty, it's a necessity.
Your customers don't just appreciate it, they expect it.

* Colmar Brunton Better Futures Report 2021