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made from plants,
not oil

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Sustainable Packaging

We are New Zealand's first carboNZero certified packaging company

Carbon Zero Certification
Eco-friendly packaging

Packaging with principles

Our vision is to provide sustainable food packaging that is superior in quality at an affordable price.

Made from plants, not oil

The majority of Ecoware products are made entirely from naturally occurring plant material.

Non-toxic inks

Our inks are soy or water based therefore non-toxic.

Commercially compostable

The majority of Ecoware products can be composted in a commercial facility.

Paper from managed plantations

Our paper comes only from responsibly managed plantations.

Made from renewable resources

Our raw materials are produced by nature and annually renewable.


Our raw materials provide a sustainable solution to oil-based food packaging.

Commercially compostable

Our packaging solutions

We provide a full range of sustainable food packaging that is made from annually renewable resources such as corn-starch and bamboo fibre. Explore our range to find solutions towards more sustainable business practice.

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