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We are more than just a packaging company. At Ecoware, we strive to lead the way when it comes to sustainability; that’s why we are New Zealand’s first and only carboNZero certified packaging company. We monitor and manage the entire company’s operations with a plan to reduce our carbon footprint. We offset all the carbon emissions associated with activity by investing in renewable energy projects both nationally and internationally.

Our materials

At Ecoware we strive to provide you with the highest quality food packaging products available that are not only affordable, but a future friendly solution to traditional food packaging.

We design, develop and supply a full range of sustainable food packaging options that reduces consumer dependence on oil based packaging. We substitute the oil-base with abundant and renewable resources such as plant-starch and bamboo fibre.

We have four main raw materials that we want to educate you on below:

Polylactic Acid (PLA) - Bioplastic

Polylactic acid or polylactide (PLA) is a biodegradable polyester derived from renewable plant material. We use Ingeo™ bioplastic (PLA) derived from sustainable plant resources, such as corn starch, which has a carbon footprint up to 75% less than traditional packaging materials such as PS or PET. Ingeo™ bioplastic is routinely composted every day around the world in commercial composting facilities and has Australasian Bioplastic Association (ABA) AS 4736 compostability certification.

Bamboo Fibre

Bamboo is one of the world’s fastest growing plants. Our bamboo fibre is a byproduct sourced from existing industry. The waste material is a pulp substance that is then transformed into sustainable food packaging. We control this source of raw material to ensure our products are natural and toxin free. The strength in molecular structure of bamboo provides a heavy duty and robust product.


We use only certified fibre sourced from responsibly managed forests. Paper is used to make the outer walls of our coffee cups and paper bowls. It is also the raw material of our Kraft range, which is produced through a unique process of turning unbleached, virgin paper pulp into sturdy paperboard.

Polystyrene - PS

Polystyrene is made from a non-renewable resource. In a situation where an eco-friendly alternative is not readily available, fit for purpose or brand favourable, we do our best to provide you with the next best alternative.

Industry Partners

Our vision is to provide sustainable food packaging that is superior in quality at an affordable price. To ensure we deliver on what we communicate we have partnered with national and international industry leaders in sustainable business practice. Developing strong industry partners ensures that as a company we continue to lead by example and remain at the forefront of the sustainable food packaging industry.


We are members of the leading greenhouse gas (GHG) certification scheme. The program requires us to measure & monitor our annual emissions and offset our footprint by establishing reduction and mitigation plans to target any remaining emissions. This certification is in compliance with ISO 14064-1 standard.


Naturally advanced low-carbon-footprint Ingeo™ resins (polylactic acid, PLA) are manufactured by US company, NatureWorks LLC, a world leading biopolymers supplier and innovator. They supply the bio-based material made from abundant renewable resources that we manufacture and manipulate into food packaging. The manufacture of Ingeo™ emits fewer greenhouse gasses (GHGs) than the comparable manufacture of all common petrochemical-based plastic 1. In short, this technology allows us to turn plants into plastic.

1. Life Cycle Inventory and Impact Assessment data for 2014 Ingeo™ Polylactide Production. Industrial Biotechnology, June 2015e

Sustainable Business Network

The Sustainable Business Network is a forum for businesses that are interested in sustainable development practice. We promote sustainable practice in New Zealand and support businesses on the path to becoming sustainable. We link businesses and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences. We define Sustainable Business as the integration of economic growth, social equity and environmental management, both for now and for the future.

Public Place Recycling Scheme

The Public Place Recycling Scheme is an industry funded program that helps New Zealanders recycle when they are away from home by providing more opportunities to recycle, reduce litter and increase awareness about “doing the right thing”.


Conscious Consumer

We are members of the Conscious Consumer business accreditation program that helps hospitality businesses respond effectively to increasing consumer demand for environmentally and socially responsible products and services.

NZ Specialty Coffee Association

The NZ Specialty Coffee Association is the national representative body for specialty coffee stakeholders in NZ. The purpose of the Association is to represent all stakeholders in NZ specialty coffee, provide a forum for industry participants to advance the NZ specialty coffee industry, provide professional development through training & education, and promote public interest and customer awareness of specialty coffee in NZ.


WasteMINZ is the authoritative voice on waste and resource recovery in New Zealand and seeks to achieve ongoing and positive development of the industry through strengthening relationships, facilitating collaboration, knowledge sharing and championing best practice standards.

Frequently asked questions

What are the “Pre Life” benefits of using Ecoware products?
Pre Life benefits are the environmental benefits of manufacturing our products, i.e. before the consumer uses the product.

Raw materials used in the production of our products are abundant and renewable, sustainably managed and plant based. They are therefore a more sustainable option to purchasing traditional oil-based packaging made from a non-renewable resource. There are also significantly less greenhouse gases emmitted during production compared to standard oil-based food packaging.

These benefits remain regardless of how the packaging is disposed.
Do your products cost more than traditional oil-based packaging?
The increasing cost of crude oil continues to reinforce the growing need for renewable-resource-based alternatives.

In the long term, BioPlastic has the potential to be cheaper to manufacture compared to oil-based plastics. But currently, whilst it currently costs more to manufacture Ecoware products, we try our best to not only match, but sometimes even beat the market price of traditional oil-based food packaging in New Zealand.
What are the end of life options for your Ingeo BioPlastic products?
Ingeo™ BioPlastic offers the most landfill waste diversion options of any other commercially available plastic material in the world.

It can be recycled, commercially composted, incinerated, chemically converted back to lactic acid through hydrolysis (feedstock recovery) or landfilled.
How long will it take for my products to be delivered?
If your order is received before 12pm it will be dispatched that day. Any orders received after 12pm will be dispatched the following day.

Following dispatch, all orders to the North Island will be delivered overnight and all orders to the South Island will be delivered within 2 days.
Where is your company based, and what is the origin of your products?
Ecoware is a New Zealand owned and operated company. Our manufacturing facilities are based throughout Asia. Our head office is located in Takapuna on Auckland’s North Shore and we have three national warehouses based in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.
Are Ecoware products a more sustainable option compared to oil-based packaging?
Yes. Traditional packaging is derived from oil, one of the worlds most scarce and non-renewable resources. Our packaging is derived from rapidly renewable resources such as corn and bamboo. Manufacturing food packaging from plants is a sustainable alternative when compared to oil based food packaging.
What sorts of inks are used on your products to ensure they are non-toxic?
We only use Soy or Water based inks when we print on Ecoware products. Soy and Water based inks are more environmentally friendly and a non-toxic alternative to traditional oil-based inks.
Is your paperboard sourced from responsibly managed forests?
Yes. All our paperboard is sourced only from managed plantations in the USA. We use only certified fiber, or fiber we know comes from responsibly managed forests. Paper is used to make the outer walls of our coffee cups and paper bowls. We source our paperboard from two main suppliers both with strong interests in practicing and promoting sustainable forestry.
Can I put Ingeo BioPlastic products into my backyard compost?
Our Ingeo BioPlastic products should be composted in an Industrial Compost Facility that correctly manages the levels of temperature and moisture in the composting process. It is not recommended that Ingeo BioPlastics are composted in home composting systems due to the lack of high temperature and inconsistent conditions.
What if I throw Ecoware products in the rubbish?
If our products end up in the general rubbish or landfill, they still provide the pre-life benefits that don't exist with traditional oil-based packaging.

These benefits are the result of how Ecoware products are made and what they are made from. For more information on Pre Life benefits, please read the FAQ "What are the “Pre Life” benefits of using Ecoware products?"
What is the shelf life of your products?
When compared to traditional oil-based packaging, our plant-based packaging has a shorter shelf life. With that being said, if stored correctly, Ecoware products will last between 18-24 months. We recommend storing our products in a cool, dry area and out of direct sunlight.

For more information on shelf life please contact one of our staff on 0800 GO 4 ECO.
Can my brand be printed on your eco-products?
Yes! Subject to minimum order quantities, most of our products can be custom branded with your logos, at no extra charge. We’ll also manage the whole process for you from design to delivery. For more information on custom branding, please explore the Custom Packaging tab of our website.

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