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Ways to be better in a COVID-19 world

Ways to be better in a COVID-19 world
If there's one thing that has stood out for us this year, it's the reminder that life can change in a flash.
A global pandemic has meant that we've all had to do things as a society to help one another and fight the virus. The result has been a surge in face masks, disposables, and plastic bottles from hand sanitizer to name a few.
We can't put environmental efforts on hold. We can only adapt and improve. So in our new COVID world, here is what we think we could be doing to be better:
  • Cut the straps of your disposable face mask. Firstly, a washable/reusable mask is best. But for those with disposable ones, when you're finished with it, cut the straps. We are seeing a growing number of images of face masks littered in the natural environment, and the straps causing harm to wildlife.
  • Have a PPE collection point at your home or workplace. This is a good idea for food service industries especially during Level 3 and 2 where PPE like disposable face masks and gloves are required for health and safety. A dedicated collection point would allow you to gather and dispose of this waste as effectively as possible.
  • Choose glass or easy-to-recycle plastic hand sanitizer bottles. Inevitably, hand sanitizer sales have spiked globally, which comes with the price of increased plastic waste. Can you find brands using glass bottles, or opt for refillable sanitizer bottles? We encourage you to consider how you can reduce waste with this product.
  • Start your home compost bin. With more people buying in bulk, there could be increased food waste at home. Composting food scraps is one of the best things individuals can do to have a positive impact. You do not have to be a green finger to start one, and it is so EASY.
  • Take some time to be in nature. Yes, it does sounds trite. But when we learn to stop and appreciate the beauty around us, we may feel more compelled to protect it.