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PSA. We've Moved!


The past two years and a bit have been wild. And looking back, all our announcement posts were communicating levels, traffic lights and picnics—all of which, while necessary, were not overly exciting.

So here's to 2022 being our best year yet. We're already halfway through it but still holding on to the optimism that the new year usually presents us all with. And, we're still here—we moved to Ponsonby, so still here but in a different space, and we're still smiling. And we hope you are too.

Because despite a global pandemic and political unrest, our government is moving forward with legislation to ban some single-use plastics and has some plans for reaching net-zero carbon by 2050. Climate change is an opportunity to operate more efficiently—more responsibly. 

There's no 'before' or business as usual. We're embracing the unusual. We're meeting the climate emergency head-on by removing toxic plastics from business supply chains and our environment—keeping fossil fuels in the ground, creating a version of tomorrow more liveable than our current trajectory. 

We've spent a decade focusing on full-circle solutions, accelerating our country's waste diversion from landfill, reducing our carbon footprint alongside 4000 + of our partners, equally committed to our future. We will continue to push forward because we know what is possible for Mother Earth (and everyone inhabiting it) if we succeed.

So thank you for all your love and support. Together, let's continue accelerating the shift toward a circular economy. If you're in the area (maybe you want to pick up an order), stop in, and we'll put Mike on coffee—we'd love to show you around. If you've got friends with businesses who need better packaging, let them know we're by the phones. 

And if you can't make it in, enjoy the video above.