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Ecoware’s COVID-19 update as at 24.03.20

Ecoware’s COVID-19 update as at 24.03.20

Kia ora everyone,

Well – it’s hard to believe how quickly things changed! We are reaching out to acknowledge all our customers who have been affected by COVID-19. It is an unnerving time for the hospitality and foodservice industry. As a small New Zealand business, we are deeply impacted and certainly feeling the stress – just like many of our customers are.

It’s difficult to navigate the unknown, but we want to navigate it together.

Here is what you need to know about Ecoware and our services:

  • We have a full team working from home maintaining "business as usual" for now for our customers as we support some essential services.
  • For the essential services that continue to operate, we predict an approximated delivery delay by 48 hours. Please plan ahead as best you can.
  • We have plenty of stock, so please don’t fear that there will be a shortage.
  • We are here to support everyone, as always.

There is one thing we need to stress: please keep payment processing as normal. We are a crucial part of the supply chain of food and beverage packaging, and we need to ensure we get takeaway packaging to the essential services keeping New Zealand afloat during this time. This includes supplying hospitals and supermarkets. We know it's an uncertain time, but we must continue to support the supply chain. Like most of our customers, we are feeling financial hardship due to the swift turn of events.

Our advice to you:

  • Speak to your bank - Many banks are offering support packages and you might be able to find some respite there.
  • Understand the Government business continuity and relief plans - All Government information can be found here.
  • Use the Restaurant Association for help - There is lots of industry advice, help and support for the hospitality community on their website and we encourage you to visit.

It's a challenging and uncertain time, but it’s also an opportunity. We know that we have been taking things for granted - our health, our able body and mind, the ease of which we can access anything at any time, the materials we take from the earth. Perhaps we have been forgetting about the important things - our family, our communities, clean oceans, clear skies...

We have been presented with a special opportunity. In this rare world-wide pause we get the chance to deeply reflect on the important things and reassess how we live. We can start to think about changes we can make to ensure that beyond COVID-19 we live sustainably - people, planet and economy equally.

We will continue to update you as things change, but for now, stay safe and healthy!

James, Alex, and the Ecoware team.