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Ecoware’s COVID-19 update as at 1.09.21

Ecoware’s COVID-19 update as at 1.09.21

It's hard believe we are back in lockdown and we know this is a huge hit for a lot of our customers. If you have been affected by COVID-19 we are thinking of you and we are here for you. 

Ecoware is an essential business and can therefore we can operate during all lockdown levels.

Our team are working from home maintaining "business as usual" and have plenty of stock on hand. 

Current lockdown status

  • South of Auckland | Level 3 
  • Auckland and North of Auckland | Level 4 
Delivery during Level 3 and 4
  • We can deliver to most businesses in Level 3 and to other essential businesses in Level 4
  • We have plenty of stock on hand, so please don't fear there will be a shortage
  • All deliveries will be contactless which means delivery drivers will need to leave packages on your doorstep, and sign on your behalf
  • Our delivery network is overloaded and we’d recommend getting your orders in early, allowing a few extra days just in case 
  • Please use the tracking numbers provided
  • We are here to support and we understand — we also feel the heat during lockdowns
  • Get in touch with our customer service team if you need help with your order 
Our advice to you:
  • Please keep payment processing as normal. We are a crucial part of the supply chain of food and beverage packaging, and we need to ensure we get takeaway packaging to the essential services keeping New Zealand afloat during this time
  • Speak to your bank. Many banks are offer support packages during these hard times and you might be able to find some respite there.
  • Keep an eye on Government business continuity and relief plans - All Government information can be found here
  • Use the Restaurant Association for help - There is lots of industry advice, help and support for the hospitality community on their website and we encourage you to visit
  • Most importantly, don't loose sight of what's in important - our family, our community, clean oceans and clear skies. Only consume what you need to, get lots of fresh air, stay positive and use your time wisely 

We will continue to update you as things change, but for now, stay safe and healthy!

James, Alex, and the Ecoware team.